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I’ve been writing my newsletter since circa 2005.

A quick intro to who I am: I’ve been a professional cook and pastry chef most of my life. I write one of the first food blogs, which I started in 1999, and have written nine books, including two memoirs about my life in Paris (The Sweet Life in Paris and L’Appart) as well as cookbooks on everything from baking and cooking in Paris, to chocolate and ice cream. My latest book, Drinking French, is filled with stories and 160 recipes for the iconic café drinks, cocktails, apéritifs, homemade liqueurs, and appetizers of France.

I moved my newsletter here to Substack so I could offer a wider variety of content to subscribers. My monthly newsletter is free (yay!) and comes out on the first of the month. I’m pretty obsessive about stuff like that, which is one of the upsides of being a baker - #organized - but expect it to land in your Inbox on the first. Additional newsletters for paid subscribers get sent out at various times during the month*.

My free monthly newsletter is chock-full of stories, recipe links, food photos, Paris restaurant and bakery tips, upcoming appearances and book events, and stuff relating to my blog: davidlebovitz.com.

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*The archives are located here if you want to browse them.