September 2021 Newsletter

It’s inevitable: When I go on vacation and stay with friends, we all pitch in with the cooking. Invariably. I’m put in the position of making dessert. A few years back I posted Things I Bring When I’m a Guest for a Weekend listing a few items I bring when I’m a houseguest. A few were startled (and a few with disgruntled) that I would have the nerve to arrive at someone’s home with my own kitchen tools. I don’t consider myself a food snob and while I don’t understand the ease of buying pre-ground black pepper, and wonder how people can chop an onion with a kitchen knife with a blade that wouldn’t cut butter, it’s hard to make good food without good ingredients, and it’s much more enjoyable if you have the right tool, especially a sharp knife…or a spatula, if you’re making a cake.

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