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How to Eat and Enjoy French Cheese with Jennifer Greco

How to Eat and Enjoy French Cheese with Jennifer Greco


Raw milk camembert, Schnokeloch (with the hole), Mothais sur Feuille (chèvre in chestnut leaf), a slab of Beaufort Chalêt d’Alpage from Fromagerie Felix, and a wedge of Saint-Nectaire fermier from Quatrehomme.

When I led culinary tours, guests would often ask me, “Why do you live in France?” Standing in the middle of an outdoor market or outside a resplendent chocolate shop, pâtisserie or fromagerie, I didn’t have to say anything—I’d simply point, and they understood

I no longer do culinary tours but am happy to refer people to Jennifer Greco, who is a French cheese and wine expert, as well as a friend. Jennifer stopped by my kitchen with a basket of magnificent French cheeses which we sampled—and, I apologize in advance, but a few I swooned a little too much over. (Oh, that Beaufort Chalêt d’Alpage…) Proof she really knows her stuff.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast—and the sampling of French cheeses—as much as I did😋


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Coming to Paris and want to taste cheese with Jennifer? Check out and book a spot at Chez Loulou's cheese-tasting experience.

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