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Podcast: A Chat with Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food

Podcast: A Chat with Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food

Food writing coach

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Dianne Jacob of

newsletter, food writing coach, teacher, editor, and author of Will Write for Food, which is the handbook for food writing, covering everything from how to break into the world of food writing, starting a blog or a newsletter, as well as valuable tips on writing recipes, what to know if you want to write your first cookbook or food memoir, and how to “bring home the bacon” from doing it.

During our chat we discussed:

  • Who “owns” a recipe?

  • Why we both switched from a blog to a newsletter.

  • How to attribute a recipe (and do you need to?) and navigate the world of appropriation and authenticity.

  • What are some of the more controversial issues facing food writers and cookbook authors today?

  • What’s happening (or what happened) to food magazines?

  • What changes is the world of food writing going through, and can food writing survive without advertising?

  • What really goes into writing a cookbook.

  • What subjects cookbook publishers are looking for today.

Hope you enjoy our chat!

- David

Check out Dianne’s book, Will Write for Food.

Will Write for Food

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