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Podcast: Secrets of Paris with Heather Stimmler

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Talks with my favorite bakers, food producers, pastry chefs, bartenders, cooks, spirits experts, and on other topics, such as travel, Paris, and French culinary culture.
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I recently sat down with my friend Heather Stimmler, of Secrets of Paris, to talk about tourism in Paris for my podcast. Often called “the most visited city in the world,” Paris has an admirable reputation, but the word “tourist” comes with negative connotations. Personally, I love to “play tourist” and spend a day hitting museums, sightseeing, or getting to know a new neighborhood.

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Interview with Heather Stimmler
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While the internet loves Paris listicles (with quite a few written by people who don’t live here), on her handy website, Heather writes about tipping etiquette, thrift shopping, advice for traveling responsibly, and practical tips for navigating Paris, including where to find a restroom, how to ship things from Paris, and insider advice on using the public transit system, which makes her newsletter one I look forward to getting in my Inbox. I always find something interesting and useful in it.

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Whether you’re a first-time tourist, a resident, a multiple-time visitor, or just interested in Paris, you’ll learn something from Heather and I was happy to have a chat with her about tourism—and other topics—in the city we both call home.


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