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Sarah Donnelly: Paris Stand-Up Comedian

Sarah Donnelly: Paris Stand-Up Comedian

Star of "The Only American in Paris"

I eagerly await the next Sarah Donnelly video to show up in my Instagram feed as she highlights some of the peculiar points of life in Paris, nodding my head in agreement with her keen observations…and laughing. Like many of us who moved here from elsewhere, we love it—but some things do give us pause. (Having a sense of humor about cultural differences helps.)

Sarah and I bonded over our mutual bewilderment over square pillows (which perplex me since people move from side to side when they sleep - not up and down), as well as traversins, the odd cylindrical bed pillows in France that all but guarantee a sleepless night.

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So I was excited to attend her show, The Only American in Paris, a hilarious hour of comedy, with stories about her arrival in France, meeting her French husband, and raising two Parisian children.

Upcoming shows for The Only American in Paris:

  • January 19 and 26, February 2, and March 9 and 30th.

Tickets available here.

In her fast-moving hour of comedy, Sarah shares revealing photos of her favorite French politicians, and talks about getting her citizenship, which involved quite a few missteps along the way, including the challenge of trying to get a decent photo in one of those photo booths in the métro station, which you need to accompany one of the many dossiers of paperwork you have to compile to live here. (If even the smallest bit of your teeth are showing, your photo—and file—will be rejected.) She also explains why everyone in Paris needs to have two pharmacists. I won’t give away the ending of the one-hour comedy fest, but I will say this: Photos don’t lie!

I loved talking to Sarah for this podcast and hope you enjoy it as well


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Visit Sarah at her website: www.sarahdcomedy.com

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